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Misty Forest

A misty forest. “Easy” and fun to do! […]

My attempt on a misty forest painting.
Been watching Clive5Art and Painting with Jane. So I wanted to try it out myself.

I had a real struggle, specially with the first medium I used. It turned out to be a great practice of how I should save it.
I was really close to giving up when it went bananas.

˙·٠•●♥ Materials ♥●•٠·˙
Acrylic paints
– Titanium white
– Mars black
– Ultramarine blue
– Primary blue
– Phthalo Green
– Turquoise green
– Burnt umber
And some liquitex acrylic medium.
Some cheap brushes, some for acrylics, some for water colors and some for house-painting.

Link to process video

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